A Feasibility Study on Cyber Threats Identification and their Relationship with Users' Behavioural Dynamics in Future Smart Homes, Research Grant 'Funding of Fundamental & Applied Scientific Research in Priority Fields', Bulgarian Science Fund, Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, 2012-2014, DFNI-Т01/4

The present information technologies have appeared in our everyday life as an indispensable part of our 21st century digital society. The emergence of smart homes has been a logical outcome of this phenomenon that produces a number – both obvious and hidden threats for their inhabitants.

The first goal of the present project is to study the possibilities for threats identification in future smart homes for an experimentally selected scenario context. Additionally, through simulation of agent based models and hardware systems for environment and users monitoring of selected technological and bio parameters, the interrelation between users and technologies in future smart homes will be explored.

Another project goal is the analysis, integration and practical validation of the obtained experimental and model based results in a unified methodology for threats identification in future smart homes.

The basic hypothesis in the present study is the existence of a possibility for identification of obvious and hidden threats, resulting from the human factor - technologies interaction in future smart homes.

The results of this study will allow the creation of a methodology for assessment and analysis of future smart homes in the 21st century digital society. This will also contribute to the improvement of the technological culture of present IT users and will increase cyber space security.

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