The Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (IICT), Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) is a leading scientific organization for Bulgaria in the field of Computer Science. IICT-BAS is the core of the National Research and Education Network of Bulgaria, certified node of the EU GRID infrastructure and hosts the Joint Training Simulation and Analysis Center in for security studies. The institute has been recognized by EC as a ‘Center of Excellence’ in the computer science field. IICT has a rich experience in many international programs and projects like: TEMPUS, INCO, COPERNICUS, Leonardo daVinchi, ERASMUS, 5FP, 6FP, 7FP etc. The institute has a longstanding partnership with NATO (currently with NCI Agency and NATO Research & Technology Organization) in the field of applied ICT usage in the security area. IICT is also participating in a number of national research projects supported from many governmental bodies and National Science Fund, Ministry of Education Youth and Science.

   The College of Telecommunications and Post has 130 years educational traditions. An accredited “bachelor” degree in the following lines is provided:

 - Telecommunications & technologies;

 - Telecommunication networks;

 - Wireless communications and broadcasting;

 - Telecommunication Informatics;

 - Management & Informatics in telecommunications and posts.

   The college is a co-founder of the “Semeistvo” consortia, encompassing universities and colleges from: Germany, Spain, France, Slovakia, Russia and Hungary. A EU ECTS system for credits aggregation and transfer is accepted in the college. The capabilities, authority and the college position in education are also recognized by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency. The collage alumnae have distinguished practical skills that are adequately implemented in many ICT building, engineering, support and management activities at EU level. They also successfully find their place in the studied lines in the country and abroad.

   VISENSI Ltd. has been founded in 2011 from 16 partners. The company work encompass: R&D of sensor systems and technologies, electronics, electro techniques, materials, software, production and marketing of sensor systems, electronic and electrical systems, mechanical, electro-mechanical, transport and communicational goods, as well as software, marketing, web trading and consultancies in the field of technological development and scientific research. It carries out wiring and support of sensor systems and electronic devices. Development of energy, transport and communication systems based on new technologies. Consultancies in the company field of expertise.

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